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Exhibition EARTH 2.0 (with Milda Dainovskyte) in gallery Kairė–dešinė,
Vilnius, Lithuania.

2016 03 01–26

"Pacific water 4.18 m2“,
flooring, 2016.


“Due to distortions inherent in any map of the world, the choice of projection becomes largely one of aesthetics.”, silkscreen prints, 2016.

The question of the representation of the world in a map was always tricky and an objective visualisation of a sphere on a two-dimensional surface (non-interactive) is basically impossible. Using the different projections made by cartographers throughout the history, I present these scientific patterns as easthetical frameworks and place them in a tamed interior. Here an artificial, unnatural world and its representations become acceptable and even desired.

1) Marinus of Tyre projection (1st century)
2) Wermer’s projection (around 1500)
3) Cassini’s projection (1745)
4) Van der Grinter’s projection (1904)
5) Cahill’s projection (1913)
6) Miller’s projection (1942)
7) Fuller’s projection (1943-1945)
8) Robinson’s projection (1963)


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